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When I think back to my youth, I fondly remember the fun of growing up in a small town in northern Michigan. My friend Sally and I would often walk to the corner store down the hill from my Grandpa's house for treats and goodies. This little corner store was located at the junction of our road and the highway -- a place referred to by locals as Peanut Junction. 

Every town in America probably has a Peanut Junction of its own -- a place that conjures up memories of childhood fun and friends, laughter and tears, childish pranks, and innocence lost. Though I have no family tie to Peanut Junction or that little corner store, Peanut Junction is reminiscent of the good times and close friends I had while growing up in this small town. 

As a salute to all the little Peanut Junctions across the country, thank you for being the catalyst that refreshes  the memories and the lasting friendships developed while growing up in that wonderful little town.


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