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Several years after Mom's death we, her daughters Helen and Paula, decided to go into the craft business, creating dolls modeled after various family members. The name "Echo's Memory Lane" represents our desire to honor her memory as well as a reminder that our lives effect the generations to follow. The profile on the logo was chosen to represent her own profile, which she often sketched in the upper right corner of her letters. To see the resemblance and check out photos of mom's siblings, Click Here!

As our family and career obligations grew, the craft business was temporarily shelved. Some years later, Helen retired from her full-time career and resumed crafting. She is now devoting her time to running 'Grandma's taxi service' and creating gift and craft items to help others build their own memories. She specializes in fabric crafts such as quilts, dolls, wall hangings, and collectible snowmen. Check out my "sister site" at www.echosmemorylane.com    

Meanwhile my interests turned to scrapbooking and researching the family history. Most of our family photos were accidentally destroyed after Momís death; Countless hours have been spent researching the family and tracking down copies of pictures wherever available. I am in the process of creating a heritage album that will be made available online to any family members interested in sharing what I have learned. In addition to my full-time career with a local cookie manufacturer, I am also a part-time scrapbooking consultant for a large company.  

Paula Clifford

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