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Mathew & Mary King and baby
early 1900's


Echo's parents lived in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky in the early 1900's.  They had eleven children, three of whom died early in life. 



King Chilren
    Magolda    Died at abt. 4-1/2 yrs.
    Mildred Lois (Millie)
    Maude Ella & Martha Ellen- died at birth
    Mamie Lillian (Lillian)
    MartyLou Stella (Stella)
    Montgomery Eradus (Gummy)
    Janey Louise (Janey)
    Mevelo Vernon (Curly)
    Virginia Echo (our mother) (Echo)
    Matthew Curtis (Curt)

names based on memory and, in some cases, assumed spelling

Echo & Curt
mid 1920's


Nelson Creek Coal Company's Nelson Mine was rocked by an explosion on February 16, 1926, taking the lives of seven men -- three instantly.  There had been 130 men at work in the mine that day.  A more serious tragedy was averted because the most of the men had just left the mine, or were emerging at the time of the explosion.

The explosion was caused when a shot blew out while the shot firers were shooting on the solid.  Apparently the shot set off a pocket of methane gas.  Killed instantly were Pete Huter, George Brandon and Mathew King.  Five other men died during the attempt to rescue the others.  They included Leonard and Archie Huter, Gabe Woodruff and Thomas Richardson.

The three Huter men are buried side by side in Nelson Creek cemetery.

Excerpt taken from www.on-the-square.com/muhlenberg_ky/b_and/bio/tragic.htm

Mathew King
1/29/1877 or '78 to 2-16-26


From Left:

Grandpa's nephew, Grandpa, 
Grandpa's mine boss, & 
George Brandon (who was also 
killed in the Nelson Explosion)

Grandma King was born on a woodpile while her mother ( JANE (KING) PERRY) was chopping wood.

The King women were a very strong breed.

To see Grandma's children, click here

Mary Martha ( King) King
6/1/1883 to 6/2/1959

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