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Memories, Mishaps & Mayhem


Being a true scrapaholic, I'm always looking for unusual ideas for another photo album.  Not long ago, I had an inspiration...

My wonderful sister has a bit of a problem -- she's a klutz!  Over the years she's experienced some mishaps that do not befall your average person.  After all, how many people can fall out of a car and run over themselves!  If I mention this incident to people that don't know my sister, they give me a puzzled look and ask "How in the world did she do that?"  If I mention the same incident to people that actually know my sister, they smile and nod and say "Well, that's Helen!"

I jokingly suggested to Helen that she document all these humorous stories of her life.  We started naming off all the little things that have happened to her throughout her life (some of which are too embarrassing to put on the internet).  One thing led to another, and the next thing you know, her A-B-C album of Memories, Mishaps and Mayhem is a work in process. 

From A is for animals (she was constantly bringing home stray cats and critters in her arms, with the excuse that they "followed" her home) to Z is for Zorro (She brazenly carved the word Zorro in our State Park's Shelter House -- only to turn around and find the Park Ranger standing behind her "admiring her" artwork!), this album has taken on a life of it's own.  

She somehow always found ways to have an adventure.  This album will be a whimsical journey through all the little mishaps and mayhem, idiosyncrasies and indiscretions, fun and tomfoolery she's experienced throughout her life. 

But we're keeping it G-rated -- because G is for Grandchildren!