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Wonder Years


When I became a grandma, somehow everything changed for me.  I was totally smitten with my grandchildren, and everything they did seemed wondrous and special.

To capture these feelings (which I'm sure may fade a little as they become teenagers), I put together a small 5x7 album to document their special qualities throughout the years.

In the album, I placed a picture of the child at each year on the left page of the album.  On the facing page, I wrote a paragraph or two of some of the special things that may have happened during the year, or some of my special feelings.  Children love to hear about all the special and funny things that they've done or said throughout the years.  It's a wonderful self-esteem builder, and the grandkids love to look through their albums and relive the stories. 

Make an album for that special person in your life! 

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