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This picture of the Zimmerman family was taken when our dad (Jim Zimmerman) was 16 years old. Dad is in the first row-first young man on the left of the picture. His sister, Aunt Carol is seated to his left with the young child on her lap. The house in the background belonged to our grandparents: Albert and Katherine Zimmerman.

Photos provided courtesy of Dick Zimmerman.  Names provided courtesy of Dick's mother Charlotte Zimmerman.  Our thanks and appreciation for your generosity. (8/2000)

Top row.

Harry Peterson, Elsie Peterson, Rose Thorson, Otto Thorson, Donald Thorson, Alice Thorson, Ralph Zimmerman, Herbert Zimmerman, Katherine Zimmerman (our grandma), Ida Butwell, Jim Hayes (father of Katherine Zimmerman, our great-grandpa).

Next row.

Gail Thorson, Audrey Thorson, our great-grandpa Fred Zimmerman, our great-grandma Rickie Zimmerman, Al Zimmerman (our grandpa), Ralph Butwell, Bill Butwell.

Next row.

Jim Zimmerman (our dad), Alice Hallack, Francis Zimmerman (Ralph's Z. wife), Fred Zimmerman, Regina Zimmerman (Fred's wife), Walter Zimmerman (Dick’s dad), Mary Ellen Zimmerman (Dick’s sister), Charlotte Zimmerman (Dick’s mom), Dick Zimmerman, Charles Butwell.

Bottom row.

Donna Thorson (daughter of Don & Alice Thorson), Carol Zimmerman (our aunt), Bobby Peterson, Joyce Peterson and David Peterson.

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James F. Zimmerman 
(our Dad) abt. 1923

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Jim Zimmerman and his younger sister Carol.

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Jim Zimmerman
teen years

Jim Zimmerman
Navy years

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